The most undervalued variety?

Some of my favourite wines come from the hugely under-valued Chenin Blanc grape. A variety that lends itself to a wide range of styles, but often needs time in bottle to reach it's potential. Maybe that's why it doesn't get the credit deserves.

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Chenin Vines in Anjou

We have a wonderful  mineral bone dry Chenin from Christophe Davault. Fantastic with a simple grilled fish; and a delightful barrel-fermented example from Bruno Curassier, a wine with the depth and weight to go with the richest cream sauces.


Bruno with the 3 barrels of Domaine de La Grange Patrimoine he made in 2015, which we are now selling

Chenin Blanc is also the grape that is most frequently  used to make Sparkling wine in the Loire. It's naturally crisp apple flavours make a delightful alternative to Champagne

Last but not least Chenin makes my favourite dessert wines. It's natural acidity balances the sweetness. Look out for Bonnezeau a very small Appellation in Anjou. Regrettably we don't yet have one in our range. I especially recommend Chateau de Fesles, which in a previous role I sold into Majestic , although I'm not sure if it is still there.

For more on Chenin see this article from Tim Atkin