Languedoc Roussillon


The Languedoc is a truly beautifull region. There is everything wild remote mountains, historical cities, sophosticated modern cities, and much much more. Sourcing wines here is a real pleasure. And what wines! Look beyond the mass market supermarket plonk and there are some fantastic wines.

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The IGP Pays d'Oc and other IGP regions give winemakers a lot of freedom to experiment and use international and local grape varieties. Almost anything goes! 

Perhaps even more exciting is the commitment of the growers in some regions to craft wines that reflect the terroir and individuality of their region. The evolution of these Appellations is one of the most exciting developements in the world of wine. They are not always easy to understand, especially as vignerons seek to complicate the situation further by differentiating specic Villages and Cru, but persist and you will find some wonderful wines that remain affordable - unlike the famous Cru of more established regions. The map below shows these Appellations.

Languedoc map 

 The Appellation of Corbieres is a particular favourite of ours. There are small producers, such as Chateau Montfin crafting wonderful wines (as well as some large Cooperatives producing some rather ordinary wines).

Corbiere mountains

The Corbieres mountains

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