We love the THREE WINE MEN tastings, and will be at Cardiff and Cambridge this year. Here's a few of the things they've said about us

'To be honest I like everything these guys bring in, refreshingly honest and authentic.  So today I'll just say their Corbieres White is a fruity but dry delight.' Oz Clarke

 'The place to shop for the Languedoc and the Loire.  Handcrafted wines of great quality.' Tim Atkin

 'Beautifully wonderful tannin management, very structured, with respect for the fruit. Fantastic hearty winter warmer.  Snap that up!' Olly Smith on Domaines Trilles Initiation Côtes de Roussillon 2015 

 ‘Sleek and juicy as a grapefruit in the grip of glorious savoury dreams!’ Olly Smith on Domaine La Toupie Fine Fleur 2014

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