Rare Burgundy Value!

I love good Burgundy wines. Unfortunately I don’t get to drink them very often. Demand is high and supply limited, so prices are very high for the famous names. It’s not going to get better soon because there have been frosts in Burgundy again this year.

On a recent trip to the region I was reminded how agreeable some of the regions white house wines, generally from Macon, are.  Nevertheless on our second sourcing visit to the region we were looking for something a little better for our range.  (On our first trip we didn't find what we were looking for).  We found it in the southern-most part of the region.

They make a delightful white wine at Domaine des Pampres d’Or from their organically farmed grapes. A crisp fresh Chardonnay, matured in large oak fourdres to add a delightful complexity. Although it is labelled as a Beaujolais Blanc it fulfils the requirements for a Coteaux Bourguignon (Burgundy Hills) and we are selling it as Our “House White Burgundy

The Pinot Noir from the same Domaine is an even more exceptional find. It has become almost impossible to good inexpensive Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Here we have found a wine that shows classic soft fruit Pinot Noir character, with some complexity added by ageing in oak.

Burgundy is said to be the gastronomic capital of France. In it's capital Lyon the local chef even appears in the street art! If you enjoy good food and the colour of local markets a visit is a must.