Bruno Curassier inherited Domaine de La Grange in 1992. The vineyards had supplied grapes to the Cooperative in Blere since 1925. In 2002 he decided to stop sending the grapes to the Coop, so that he could concentrate on making his own wines. He crafts original wines, both  reds and whites in additional to the Sauvignon Blancs that dominate this region.

The Domaine has some excellent parcels of old vines. Of particular note are plots of old Malbec which produce lovely full red wine and Chenin Blanc that Bruno vinifies in new oak barrels.

Our range from Bruno

Bruno taking sample of Patrimoine

Bruno taking a sample of the 2015 Patrimoine Blanc for us in February. It will be bottled later in the year. In 2015 he made 4 barrels (in the picture).