The Loire

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The Loire Valley is a diverse region running from Sancerre in the East to Nantes in the West. There is a rich palate of grape varieties that gives rise to a range of styles. Perhaps the best source for really good crisp white wines in the world. There are also some lovely red and rose wines. 

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  • Muscadet


    The Muscadet region is situated close to the historic city of Nantes, where the Loire river meets the Atlantic. This oceanic climate produces crisp refreshing wines with a natural acidity. Wonderful with the seafood for which the region is also renowned

  • sauvignon grapes

    Sauvignon Blanc

    The Loire is most famous for Sauvignon Blanc, which was grown here long before New Zealand discovered the variety. We have a wide range of Sauvignons. Look out for the new Chenonceaux  Appellation, truly exceptional wines. 


  • Chenin Blanc

    Chenin Blanc is another grape that originated in the Loire. A range of different styles are made from bone-dry to some of the most luscious sweet wines in the World. Barrel-fermented Chenin Blanc is a particular favourite of ours. Look out too for fine sparkling wines made from Chenin.

  • Fines Bulles

    Sparkling and Rose Wines

    The situation of the Loire, towards the northern extremity of traditional wine production, gives it's wines a crisp refreshing acidity. This lends itself to the production of delightful rose and sparkling wines.

  • Red vines

    Loire Red wines

    The Loire Valley produces some wonderful red wines, which are often overlooked here. The relatively northern climate of the Loire gives the red wines of the region a freshness that makes them great with a wide variety of foods - charcuterie, lamb, cheese and even fish. Try a red from the Loire slightly chilled with a meaty fish.


  • Chateau de Chenonceau 

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