Domaine Trilles is situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees, not far from Perpignan, within sight of the Canigou mountain

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Jean-Baptiste and Elise Trilles on the Domaine

What makes this region so interesting today is the profusion of old bush vines originally planted for the sweet aperitif wines that used to be so popular in France. It is not unusual to find vines more than 50 years old.


These gnarled old vines give wonderfully concentrated flavours. Yields are very low and harvesting has to be by hand. On the Trilles estate there are some superb old Grenache, Mourvedre  Carignan and Maccabeu vines. Some are as much as 100 years old.

Jean-Baptiste’s father and grandfather sent their grapes to the local cooperative  In 2007 he started selecting the best grapes to make his own wine (although he still sends quite a lot of grapes to the coop). Yields are kept low, with a green harvest in July.

Sustainable practices are employed. For example the space between rows is ploughed to avoid the use of weedkillers 

Jean-Baptiste has constructed a brand new winery with a mixture of stainless steel tanks, small oak barrels and large wooden foudres. This gives him the possibility to treat each parcel of grapes exactly as he wishes. Click here to see our range of Trilles wines.


The winery at Domaine Trilles

Jean-Baptiste uses large oak foudres and old barrels to soften his wine without imparting too much of an overtly oaky taste to his wines.

Jean baptiste trilles in his cellar

Filou is alleged to be the "gardien" of the Domaine, but if you ask me he is much too soft